Top tips for wedding planning during Lock down

If you are not an NHS super hero or key worker, you may find yourself with a little more time on your hands! This is a perfect time for you to focus on your big day! Suppliers in the wedding industry, like myself are working from home and are more accessible to you. Whether you are a newly engaged couple just starting out your planning journey, or one of our many couples that are having to re schedule their wedding, and needing to rethink their suppliers or colour schemes due to a change in season. Here at Emma Jane Events we love talking weddings and can help you progress through your ideas.

1 –Virtual venue tour – So you can’t get out to see the venues in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a virtual tour of possible venues, and meet the vendors. The vendors can have a big sway on your venue decision – are they friendly, flexible and helpful? They will be a big part in the run up to your wedding, and on the day, so make sure you like them!!! Lots of venues are providing virtual tours to give you a feel for their venue, and you can discuss any practical questions you may have too. Even if you don’t want to make a booking, you can start to form a ‘top 3’ list and book in a visit for the future.

2 – A focused Pinterest board – Pinterest can be a mine field, and it is so easy to flood your board with a load images over the months. Your board can easily become full of a variety of ideas that you have no idea how to piece together for your big day. Spend time going back through your boards and deleting any images that you no longer like, to narrow your theme down. You can also select your top images onto a Canva board (free image app). Consider having the following Pinterest / Canva boards that can then be sent to your suppliers:
– General theme board – colour palate, flowers, dresses, décor (2 of each)
– Dresses
– Cake
– Décor
– Centre pieces
– Flowers
– Stationary / signage

3- Online Consultations – Contact your suppliers for a Zoom / whats app / FaceTime meet up, to discuss your ideas, and their options for you. Send them your focused Pinterest / Canva board to show you’re your ideas. They can create something based on these images. They can show you some of their work and ideas for you and your venue. If you like their work, ideas and of course them, you can book in their service with a deposit and meet up further down the line.
If you have already booked them in, contact them for a consultation to further discuss your ideas. Suppliers are often like therapists and help ground you and your racing ideas. I have often been told my consultations need to be renamed ‘therapy sessions’. These consultations can solve your concerns and raise any considerations you may not have thought of.

4 – Big Day schedule – Devise a schedule of your day from start to finish. This will help you think through all stages of the day and therefore identify all things needed. Make sure you include, getting ready in the morning, ceremony, welcome drinks, reception, speeches, cake cutting etc. This will also be useful for your venue to plan their day.
Include a suppliers list with all contact details, responsibilities, set up times and payment dates so you can track everyone easily.

5 – A site plan – Help take your ideas to the visualisation stage. Only at this stage can you see how it will all come together. Have you filled all the spaces in the venue? Where will you put the welcome table, where will the Prosecco wall go? Where will the lighting go? Where will the cake be? How will the tables be set out? Only then will you get a real feel for your day and understand what is missing or if you have gone overboard on accessories. This will help your suppliers will know exactly how to set up your venue.

Happy wedding planning,

Emma Jane Events